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Depending on the seriousness of each case, a combination of treatments may be applied. In case of fair to moderate acne, topical preparations are applied in combination with OMNILUX (LIGHT THERAPY OMNILUX BLUE 415nm, REVIVE 633nm, PLUS 830nm), a photodynamic therapy. Phototherapy could be also used as a monotherapy, if recommended upon related clinical assessment.

Regularly, as recommended by the progress of each case and upon dermatologist’s consultation, patients may have their faces cleansed by the use of HYDRAFACIAL (Diamond Dermabrasion), a revolutionary cleansing device. Just in four steps, Hydrafacial offers deep face cleansing, it performs glycolic and salicylic acid chemical peeling and at the same time it offers deep moisturizing, nourishment and regeneration of the skin, through a procedure that approximately lasts 30 minutes, giving out a direct and impressive result.

In cases of moderate to severe acne, upon performing a rigorous laboratory and imaging examination for identifying any possible causes of acne and in correlation with other factors, individually related to each patient, a systematic oral treatment is prescribed in combination with the aforementioned applications, achieving maximum results in the best available way.

Acne scars may be treated through CHEMICAL PEELINGS with glycolic and trichloroacetic acid and BURANE LASER ERBIUM, a fractional laser application, with quick rehabilitation through repeated sessions, depending on the severity of each case.