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33 Derma Clinic exclusively uses new generation chemical peels that ensure superior results, while minimizing or banishing altogether the healing down time. This is achieved thanks to specially formulated antioxidant complex that our treatments use in order to achieve skin healing while peeling.

A broadly used procedure is such of CHEMICAL PEELINGS, which aims at restoring the lost glow of your face. As soon as the outer skin layer is removed, a new layer is created and as a result flaws, lines and wrinkles are decreased. Deeper wrinkles call for deeper peelings, individually adapted to the needs of each patient.

Chemical peelings are performed by acidic solutions [trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and glycolic acid (AHAs)] that improve skin texture, as they remove outer destroyed layers. They are recommended to patients with blemishes or wrinkles. Their exact concentration is adapted to the needs of each patient.

glō peels are a new addition to the tretments we offer at 33 Derma Clinic. They are a brand new generation of chemical peelings which offer immediate results, without the disadvantages of recovery period, dehydration or damage in skin structure. We chose glō peels because they have higher concentrations of active pharmaceutical substances and target to dermabrasion without damaging skin structure. Such characteristic has made them famous and lovable all over the world. glō peelings are compatible with most skin types, as they have a galore of different power mixtures, therefore ensuring that each dermabrasion session adapts to the needs of the most sensitive skin. All glō peelings include friendly-to-skin acids which softly remove old skin cells and bring the new and fresh ones into light. Contrary to other peelings, glō therapies achieve much higher results without the usual injuries and intensive exfoliation. glō chemical peelings promote cellular regeneration due to the exclusive glō complex which allows your skin to heal while deeply scrubbed, as it includes Spin Trap and Alma (two plant enzymes that help in scrubbing and removing dead cells with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties), carnosine and niacinamide. Such powerful complex boosts results and at the same time deters the damage caused by free radicals and supports skin structure. glō chemical peelings can adapt so as their treatments to go from upper to deeper layers. Contrary to other forms of chemical peelings, the advanced glō compositions make use of peptides against aging marks, retinoids and growth factors for helping the skin that has suffered environmental damages to restore its density and regenerate itself. You will feel a light tingling and heating for 5 minutes the most during the session and next your skin may be fairly red and itched. Such feeling is fully bearable.

Which glō treatments are provided by 33 Derma Clinic?

The most famous glō peelings are provided in Greece by 33 Derma Clinic. Find the one that best suits you and your needs and welcome your brand new skin!

- glō enzyme peel

Upper layer dermabrasion which requires no restoration time. A scrubbing factor with cranberry and pomegranate natural enzymes is used in order to make your dry, dull and dehydrated skin glow. Salicylic acid removes dead cells by revealing a smooth and clean skin, controlling at the same time skin oiliness. It is ideal for acne problems, non-uniform skin toning and color, skin dehydration.

- glō flower enzyme peel

Its composition includes hibiscus, passion flower and pumpkin in order to regenerate the skin by using natural enzymes which remove dead cells, giving your skin a bright glance. Fruit extracts enhance the composition with mild organic acids that activate and revivify your skin, offering, at the same time, strong anti-oxidant protection. An ideal scrubbing for skins sensitive to alpha-hydroxy acids and other scrubbing factors or for those who wish a mild scrub.

- glō glycolic peel

A chemical peeling which aims at skin restoration and regeneration. It rectifies aging marks and non-uniformity of skin texture and color toning. The glō glycolic peeling includes anti-oxidants which preserve skin natural hydrating properties, empower the trichoid vessels and act as anti-inflammatory agents. It is one of the most popular peelings for those seeking for a powerful solution to common skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles, spots or discolorations. Before having the glō glycolic peeling applied at the clinic, you have to make a 10-day serum preparation at home.

At 33 Derma Clinic, each protocol is completed with a soothing mask (or a restorative mask for mature ages) and a phototherapy session which significantly relieves redness and activates fibroblasts for the production of collagen and skin regeneration.