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The OMNILUX system, if applied via a specific protocol, may successfully attain anti-aging, depending on the needs and requirements of each patient, either as a monotherapy or in combination with other treatments, upon your dermatologist’s recommendation.

OMNILUX is a new technology method based on light application by using special LED lamps. Omnilux products are Omnilux blue (blue light), Omnilux revive (red light), Omnilux plus (infrared light) for treating different dermatological cases, such as acne, infra-ageing, skin cancers (NOT MELANOMA), skin regeneration, hidradenitis, healing of surgical incisions. Each detachable head carries pure, narrow-spectrum light through LEDs, properly applied on the area under treatment.

Omnilux offers multiple advantages as it activates cellular regeneration mechanisms, it is a non-invasive safe method and it may be applied on different areas.