How to get rid of fine lines

Every morning:

Use a sunscreen of at least 30spf every single day

It is the best anti-ageing tool! Make sure that it both protects you from UVB radiation, responsible for sunburns, as well as from UVA radiation which is responsible for light-ageing and skin mutations.

Every night:

Always in accordance with your dermatologists’ directions, apply a product rich in retinol and glycolic acid. The Renew Serum of glō, exclusively offered by 33 Derma Clinic, contains both such active ingredients in a concentration that enables you to enjoy a refreshed face from the very next morning.

At our Clinic:

Mesotherapy, DermaPen, Peelings, Light-Therapy and many more treatments in your dermatologist’s toolbox that can relieve you from the unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

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