Diamond mask: valuable care for new bright skin

With diamond powder in its composition, there is no need to explain why Hollywood stars love this mask. All in all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

This luxurious treatment contains plant-derived collagen, aminopeptides, hyaluronic acid and rose oil. It is used as a soothing agent after treatments applied at our Clinic, while it achieves whitening, deep moisture and anti-ageing. It is also recommended for mature skins, suffering from intensive dryness, discolorations and blotches, giving your skin uniform toning, softness, velvety texture and brightness!

It is applied at our Clinic all over your face and next you enjoy a mild massage with plant-derived collagen, for a better absorption of materials.

Ideally, it may be applied 1-2 days before an important event in order to boost the results of the treatment you have already applied to your skin during the last months (refer to previous issue or webpage).

Patients allergic to minerals must not try it on.


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