Bride and beauty: Last minute beauty problem solving!



You are a bride-to-be and you have started your beauty routine months ago, being strictly diligent, something that has given you a so much desired glowing face for the big day. What happens when in the morning of the big day you have something bad going on when you look yourself at the mirror? Dr Evgenia Kalogeropoulou of 33 Derma Clinic gives us some express solutions for the most frequent last-minute beauty challenges.


> The last-minute pimple

I know…it is the most disturbing thing that can happen to you just before an important event. However, it may happen, especially if you think of the stress you are going through during these days.

This is what you have to do: First of all, try to hold back and not pop it and generally not touch it. At first, you may apply chamomile pads in order to soften and sooth the skin and next you can rub the infected area with an ice-cube which will restrain the inflammation. You may accelerate the process by applying a focal preparation in combination with antibiotics and cortisone, bought in a drugstore in compliance with your dermatologist’s instructions.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so treat your skin well before in cooperation with your dermatologist, by giving your skin everything that it calls for – cleaning, moisturizing, nutrition. The results will reward your effort! Do not forget all the days before your wedding to thoroughly clean your skin and remove all your makeup, no matter how late you return at home or how busy you are. Finally, find a few time during each day, to leave your obligations aside and pump yourself with a bit of relaxation.


> Dark circles

Your enthusiasm kept you awake all night long before the big day? Not a surprise! But what if the next morning your eyes come along with dark circles? An express solution is to apply ground-up ice with ground-up cucumber placed in gauzes on your eyes for 2-3 minutes. Attention! Not more because you may suffer a burning by the ice. You may be also significantly helped by specialized eye creams rich in ingredients against dark circles. The area will look much better and the makeup will do the rest of the work for you. However, it would be wiser the day before your wedding to lie on your bed early, relax, sleep well and not drink any alcohol. Just in any case, use two pillows in order to avoid any fluid concentration at the area.

Yet, mesotherapy guarantees no risks at all and a bright look. Visit your dermatologist long before and you will be recommended the best treatment protocol for you, which will moisture the area and will improve your skin texture, by softening the dark toning.


> Dry chapped lips

There are a lot of things that can suddenly cause dryness to your lips, such as weather conditions, dry atmosphere caused by air-conditioning or even the constant biting attributed to your justified impatience. However, your first kiss to your new husband has to be with the softest lips ever! What to do:

First of all, no matter how dry you feel your lips try not to lick them, as licking them will sooth them for a while but in fact it will dry them even more. It would be really helpful to softly rub them with a scrub, a toothbrush or a wet towel, and, upon wiping them, to put on a rich moisturizing cream or – even better – some Vaseline. If you want to eliminate any chance to have your lips dry and chapped on your wedding day, ask the dermatologist to treat your lips with the glō peelings. With a new generation complex, this effective peeling is so skin friendly that may be applied even to the sensitive area of your lips, leaving them incredibly soft. 


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