4 beauty treatments for radiant skin like a Hollywood star!



In Hollywood, they are known as the Red Carpet Treatments; painless, quick and impressively effective. These are the treatments adored by the stars before any crucial event, as they lavishly offer – even at the very last moment before the big day – luminous skin ready to attract all eyes on them! The Dermatologist – Venereologist Evgenia Kalogeropoulou shares with us the “secret” treatments of Hollywood stars just a few hours before their big walk on the red carpet. What about they become your treatments too before your big day?

O2 lift: Oxygen Therapy

Treat your face with the most needed thing, a real breath of oxygen.

The oxygen therapy makes use of plant stem cells, peptides and high concentrations of plant-derived enzymes, in order to leave your skin bright, regenerated and deeply moisturized. All the applied products are organic, plant-derived and parabens free. Their texture is also very innovative. After cleaning and peeling, you will enjoy the signature O2 lift mask, which - coming in touch with air - releases oxygen, truly beneficial for your skin. At the same time, plant stem cells, organic emulsions, blemish agents, vitamins and oils act as antioxidants and activate the production of collagen. As a result, your skin is actively oxygenized at deep cell level.

This treatment is truly unique due to the 100% natural composition of all its ingredients, being therefore suitable for all skin types, whilst it may also be applied to pregnant women. Ideal for those seeking a natural, quick and cost-effective solution. It is applied rapidly and easily at our Clinic, it is not expensive and leaves your skin extremely brilliant and oxygenized.

Hydrafacial: Diamond Dermabrasion

The most pleasant and effective way to shine like a diamond! This treatment offers – non-invasive deep cleaning, peeling and moisturizing, making use of products rich in antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The session is performed at our Clinic with special heads bearing diamond grinds that apply negative pressure in order to first remove sebum and dead cells from your skin. Then, your skin undergoes a low concentration glycolic and salicylic acid peeling for a mild scrub and a deeper cleaning of your skin, leaving your pores absolutely clean and ready to receive the nourishing cocktail of moisture, offering a result similar to mesotherapy. The therapy is completed by the use of hyaluronic acid serum and an eye serum for immediate moisturizing and fighting against dark circles.

Hydrafacial treatment is suitable even for thin or mature skins. A crucial factor is that it is a pleasant and healing procedure, causing no pain or irritation.

glō peels: Healing while pealing

The well-known and lovable all around the world treatments of the American glō company are a brand new generation of chemical peelings that offer immediate results without the usual defects involved with dermabrasion, such as restoration time, dehydration or skin structure damage.

glō chemical peelings stand out for the fact that, in parallel to their peeling action, they promote cell regeneration due to the exclusive glō complex that lets your skin heal. This strong complex boosts the desirable effects and at the same time it deters the damage caused by free radicals and supports skin structure.

The power of each glō chemical peeling may be adapted so as treatments range from skin surface to deeper treatments, depending on the needs of each skin type.

The popular glō peelings are exclusively available in Greece by 33 Derma Clinic.

Light Therapy: the Power of Light

If you wonder which is the secret behind the brilliant faces of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Michelle Williams, you just found it! Lately, stars regularly undergo light therapy sessions, by using light at specific spectrum ranges (blue, red, infrared) with a view to restore the health of their skin and treat abnormalities or damages. White and red light beams activate the production of collagen and elastin from fibroblasts, as well as the skin’s ability to regenerate itself. A properly intense and long protocol of sessions offers decrease of lines, reduction of spots and discolorations whilst the skin obtains a uniform, bright look and texture, as if the light is captured and released from inside.

Each session lasts 20 minutes, it is free of pain and side-effects and usually two sessions per week every two days are enough.

Commonly enough, light therapy is recommended as a supplementary treatment which comes to confirm the results achieved by other methods, such as mesotherapy and peelings.

We would like to warmly thank the Dermatologist - Venereologist Evgenia Kalogeropoulou for her valuable advice.  


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