Botulinum toxin type A is a protein that functions by relaxing targeted muscles. Such method is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures with more than 3 million applications per year and is the perfect solution for someone who wants a safe and affordable means for removing the so-called laugh lines (crow's feet), forehead wrinkles or expression wrinkles in younger ages as well, or even for dealing with hyperhidrosis if not ameliorated through other topically administered methods.

The procedure is simple and is performed by your medical consultant. Its results are not permanent and their lifetime depends on each patient. Each session involves some injections and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Just within a few days, patients may detect a significant improvement to their moderate to severe wrinkles.

As years go by, gravity and everyday life anxiety are reflected on our face. Botox cannot stop such procedure but brings youthfulness back to our face. Before being used in cosmetic dermatology, botulinum toxin was first used in 1950 for drooping eyelid cases and to patients with muscular and neurological problems.