O2 Lift: Give your skin a breath of Oxygen

as published in Celebrity magazine


The Treatment

O2 Lift-Oxygen Skin Care pumps oxygen with plant-delivered stem cells, peptides and high concentration of plant-derived enzymes into your skin, rendering it light, revitalized and moisturized. The treatment may be applied to all skin types and all products used are organic, plant-derived and parabens-free. It is not time consuming and it can be easily performed in clinics, leaving no residues, but a beautifully light and oxygenated skin.


The O2 Lift includes five phases of total rehab:

  1. Gel cleansing – when the gel comes in touch with your skin it turns into milk. The gel consists of apple stem cells, green tea and rosemary emulsion, it removes any dirt and restores the pH balance of your skin.

  2. Enzyme peeling made of pineapple, papaya, green tea emulsion, Vitamins A and E, fucogel (the next step of hyaluronic acid regarding its water absorbing properties, as it may absorb 1500 times its weight in water), offering great moisturizing to your skin.

  3. Oxygen Mask - Its main ingredient is an agent that when it comes in touch with air it causes an ongoing foaming action, releasing oxygen. In addition, it is rich in plant-derived stem cells, organic emulsions, whitening plant-derived agents, Vitamins A and E – acting as antioxidants -, Vitamin B5 for its moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, it contains orange peel oil that activates the production of collagen and acts as an antioxidant. As a result, your skin gets oxygenated at cell-level as well.

  4. Regeneration serum – mainly made of apple and grape stem cells. This serum has antioxidative and whitening properties, offering maximum moisturizing due to hyaluronic acid, while the cucumber emulsion soothes any irritations and Vitamins A and E promote the production of collagen.

  5. Moisturizing cream with color and 30 SPF protection (UVA, UVB). This cream is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants and has no oily texture, offering protection from environmental conditions and a uniform effect with glowing and clean skin.


Duration40 minutes are approximately required for each session. The protocol for a perfect result provides 6-8 sessions, depending on the needs of your skin and one week lapse between each session.


Indications & Contra-indications

O2 Lift treatment may be applied to all skin types. It is recommended to young people, for getting a clean and moisturized skin, but also to older ages, in combination with other therapies, such as mesotherapies and phototherapies. The ultimate goal is to nourish your skin and maximize its brightness. No contra-indications are identified for this treatment and it also may be applied to oily skins with acne.



By this treatment, your skin becomes thoroughly oxygenated and dead cells are removed. It gets fully moisturized with a bright, light and clean look, free of dead cells and dirt.



The biggest advantage of O2 Lift lies in its ingredients, as they are all purely organic. Plant-derived stem cells, the latest trend in the field of cosmetic – and not only – medicine, aim at anti-ageing, while the revolutionary agent that releases oxygen when it gets in touch with the skin, lavishly gives you its beneficial and refreshing properties.


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