It’s cold outside: Deal with dry lips!

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Cold and wind tend to dehydrate the fine surface of your lips and leave them dry and burnt.

-       Avoid such annoying effect by trying to moisture your lips often enough with a  rich lip balm

-       Try not to lick them, as our saliva does not moisture them; on the contrary, it aggravates the problem. Try also not to bite them, as you create sores which need more time to heal.

-       Relieve itching by smoothly rub them with a wet soft fabric.

-       Do not neglect to consume a lot of liquids and regularly scrub your lips smoothly for removing any dead cells.

-       Finally, if your lips eventually get burnt, visit your drugstore and get yourself a special intensive treatment recommended for those facing high dryness problems due to systematic treatments with retinoid agents. If they work in such difficult cases, they will be a true “balm” to your lips. 


Many thanks to Dr. Evgenia Kalogeropoulou, dermatologist at 33 Derma Clinic, for her valuable advice.


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