How the O2 Lift saved my skin.



Zeta Tsakoumi of Pink Girl Notes shares her Oxygen-therapy experience with us:


Never ending hours of work, stress, bad diet... at the end of the week you cannot recognize yourself in the mirror. Story of my life lately…and because I decided that I will not any further put up with this image, I ran to the only person that could actually help me, Dr Evgenia Kalogeropoulou, my dermatologist, or even better, my friend and savior! I love her because she always knows what to recommend, avoiding exaggerations, always in full compliance with my taste and aesthetics. She never lets me go without sharing a small secret with me, as that the active VITAMIN C that she recommended – let me not conceal the brand – and which is the only product the spectacular effects of which made me strictly abide by my bedtime beauty routine, which I profoundly neglected so far.

Friday afternoon and I leave the office burnt-out, still happy that a new weekend has just started. A weekend I welcome as a new “me”. Although my beloved bed is the ultimate place-to-be right now, I will do a short stop at 33 Derma Clinic, at Alexandras Avenue, in order to try the O2 Lift, a complete treatment which just arrived at the clinic and has thrilled my dermatologist. Evgenia promises that I will be ready to go in just 30 minutes, with my skin looking luminous, fresh and regenerated, and most of all, free from pain and irritations.

Actually, it is a treatment of innovative composition, composed by products that give your skin a strong boost of oxygen and powerful regeneration agents.

There are five steps, as you can watch in the video here:

* Cleaning with a special gel, which it turns into emulsion in order to deeply clean the pores of your skin

* Pealing with a gel, which while applied to the skin is transformed into granules that effectively remove dead cells from your skin

* The magic – as I use to call it – mask, applied to the skin and while transmitting its nutritious agents to the skin, gets oxygenized, “pops” and gradually disappears.

* Defense boost of your skin with a powerful serum, full of active ingredients which act as age-defense and repairing agents for your skin and, finally,

* Moisturizing with a special cell regeneration cream with SPF and medium coverage in case you undergo the treatment and directly expose yourself to the sun.


Words cannot describe the marvelous smells derived from all such powerful natural products contained in the O2 lift compositions – papaya, green tea, pineapple, ginseng, grape seeds and others – which could form just by themselves a great aromatherapy treatment session, or the feeling of refreshment when the mask “pops” on the skin and releases oxygen. It is an experience you must not miss!

Another surprise before I leave: the price ~ far below €100!

On my way out, I glimpsed myself in the elevator mirror; “Probably I will go out tonight” I thought.


For more information and to book an appointment, contact  33 Derma Clinic: 33 Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece | tel. (+30) 210 64 51 910 |