How to get extra soft skin. Dermatologist Eugenia Kalogeropoulou recommends easy solutions with immediate results.

as published on YOU magazine


The Expert’s Opinion

“Make regular peeling a part of your weekly beauty routine so as to eradicate any dry parts of your skin, insisting on your knees and elbows and get yourself “armed” with moisturizing oils that may be used after or during your bath, so as to seal the moisture into your skin”. Dr Evgenia Kalogeropoulou also recommends: “As to moisturizing creams, seek for those containing “urea”, an ingredient with keratolytic and super moisturizing action, which can restore normal moisture levels even at driest skins. If you seek for a more intensive care, visit your dermatologist for a body mesotherapy, which can improve your skin texture and combat flaccidity.” 


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