Diamond dermabrasion: the Red Carpet Treatment adored by stars!



A quick and painless cleaning treatment with zero restoration time...

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend Marilyn Monroe used to sing and of course she knew more, as diamonds are not only our lovely accessories but also our ally for a pure and smooth skin!

The Hydrafacial treatment is a pleasantly refreshing cleaning procedure, entailing no pain at all and zero restoration time. Also known as the “Red Carpet Treatment”, the stars apply it literally just a few hours before stepping onto the red carpet!

It can really give you a glowing and deeply moisturized skin. The undisputable advantage of such treatment is that it can be applied onto you skin even the very last minute before a big event, as it leaves no marks or irritations.

Hydrafacial only lasts 30 minutes and offers you non-invasive, deep cleaning, peeling and moisturizing. The entire procedure should be performed at a dermatology clinic or beauty center, by using special heads bearing diamond grinds which apply negative pressure to the skin, leaving the same totally clean and free from sebum or dead cells.

Next, you will enjoy a peeling which deeply cleans you skin and the treatment will be completed by applying a serum or a mask which immediately makes your skin glow!

It is an ideal treatment for busy women or for women who have neglected the proper treatment of their skin, and as a result they feel that their skin has been congested by dirt, dead cells and black spots.


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